TAKBİS the (Land Registry and Cadastral Information System), the purchases of real estate in Turkey is increasing every year and will continue to increase in the future. Although there are differences between Turkish buyers and foreign buyers for logistical reasons, the Turkish government has also simplified the foreigners’ real estate purchase process.

Purchase Time

Purchasing property in Turkey is quite easy. Payment and title deed transactions of Turkish buyers taking place within the purchase take place in about two to three days. On the first day, the project viewing tour is reserved for the sales contract, while on the other two or three days, money transfer and title deed transactions are completed.

After Sales Service

Since Turkish buyers want to complete the after-sales process themselves, real estate companies do not offer any after-sales service after the title deed. However, foreign buyers are seeking support from Turkey and Turkish firms estate because they recognize what they know. This process includes electricity, water connection subscription or name change, residence permits, municipal tax payment, and other host obligations.

Check Your Budget and Learn Your Credit Score

You have to look at how much money you have accumulated. When you want to buy a house, you have to pay a certain part of the sale price in advance. For this reason, you should calculate how much money you have in advance.

The higher your credit score, the more likely you are to get a home loan. You can learn your credit rating from any bank.

Identify Your Needs

Personal needs and preferences should be determined correctly. Are you going to buy the residence you set or buy for investment purposes? If you plan to live, care should be taken to be close to the quality of life and social needs (public transport, school, hospital, shopping center, etc.). If you are buying the property for investment, your target should be ‘low cost, high return.’

Get Help from Professional Real Estate Consultant

An expert consultant will find the property that best fits your budget and expectations as soon as possible. It is very important to do good research to find the right real estate agent who will best benefit you in meeting your requests.